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3 Things Your Crooked Teeth May Say About Your Birth & Childhood

September 13, 2017

Mother holding upset babyResearch out of the University of Washington indicates that facial asymmetries, crooked teeth, and other bit alignment issues may be important indicators of past and future mental and physical health concerns. These studies are still in their early stages, but as the research continues, there seems to be mounting evidence in support of this theory. While early orthodontic treatments may not undo a stressful childhood or prevent future struggles with chronic illness, they can relieve undue strain on the smile and improve oral health. Keep reading to learn more about facial asymmetry and how it may help dentists and medical professionals better understand how to work with patients, especially nonverbal infants and children, during dental care.

General Dentist in Marietta Offers Invisalign Special

July 29, 2016

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general dentist in mariettaDid you know that more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment than ever before? It’s never too late to improve your smile. More adults are seeking orthodontic treatment than ever before thanks to options like Invisalign, clear braces for adults and adolescents. And right now, your general dentist in Marietta is offering an exciting special on the treatment! You can achieve straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile for as little as $149 a month. Keep reading to find out more about the treatment and this limited-time offer.


Dentist in the 30062 on Lost Teeth and Dental Crowns

May 31, 2016

dentist in 30062Tooth loss is no laughing matter. Even just one missing tooth can affect your ability to eat your favorite foods and smile or laugh with total confidence. And did you know that missing teeth can lead to the jawbone degeneration that causes even more tooth loss later on? There is a wonderful solution, though, with dental crowns provided by your dentist in the 30062. Keep reading to learn more about the tooth replacement option from the team at Elite Dentistry!


Why Is My Jaw Clicking? What Can I Do About It?

March 17, 2016

jaw clickingGot a clicking jaw? If you can’t take a big bite of a burger without wincing in jaw pain, or if singing aloud to your favorite song leaves you aching for hours, you could be suffering from a disorder with your TMJ. Fortunately, your Elite Dentistry team offers treatment for disordered TMJ in Marietta. Keep reading to learn more and find the relief you seek today!


What the Atlanta sedation dentist can do for you!

January 21, 2016

atlanta sedation dentistVisiting the dentist isn’t the favorite part of anyone’s day — but for some people dealing with severe fear or anxiety of the dental chair, or for those whose mobility issues or other disabilities prevent them from being able to undergo dental work at all, visiting the dentist is a significant issue. Fortunately, Dr. Ruth Clemans at Elite Dentistry can help to lower these barriers to good dental care — because she’s your Atlanta sedation dentist, too.


Botox Marietta: Wrinkle Fighter, Depression Reducer, or Both?

December 22, 2015

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botox mariettaSome exciting news came about in 2015, about how Botox may actually help ease depression in addition to smoothing out wrinkles. That’s right — this Forbes article that explains the study got our team (and many others) thinking about the wonderful possibilities these findings could open up for our patients. Keep reading to learn more about the study and about cosmetic and therapeutic Botox treatments in Marietta at Elite Dentistry.  


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