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Your Dentist Has Holiday Tips for Bright Smiles

November 4, 2017

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Woman at dental consultationThe upcoming weeks are an exciting time of year as you gather with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. As you plan meals and shop for the perfect gifts, your focus is not on your dental health. However, if you are not conscious about your smile throughout the holidays, it could lead to unfortunate news at your next appointment with your dentist. To keep your smile healthy during the holiday season, there are some simple tips to keep in mind.

3 Things Your Crooked Teeth May Say About Your Birth & Childhood

September 13, 2017

Mother holding upset babyResearch out of the University of Washington indicates that facial asymmetries, crooked teeth, and other bit alignment issues may be important indicators of past and future mental and physical health concerns. These studies are still in their early stages, but as the research continues, there seems to be mounting evidence in support of this theory. While early orthodontic treatments may not undo a stressful childhood or prevent future struggles with chronic illness, they can relieve undue strain on the smile and improve oral health. Keep reading to learn more about facial asymmetry and how it may help dentists and medical professionals better understand how to work with patients, especially nonverbal infants and children, during dental care.

Dentist Near Roswell Provides Superior Dental Services

July 22, 2017

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Your dentist near Roswell caters to the entire family.In addition to excellent home oral hygiene habits, your family relies on the great care of a dentist to promote the health of their teeth and gums. However, finding the perfect one can be a challenge because everyone has different needs. Often, it can be difficult to have all their requirements met at one location. At Elite Dentistry, we understand your struggle, which is why Dr. Caitlin Glen McDonald Mercke strives to provide all the services your family needs under one roof. Due to her compassion and comprehensive care, her patients are willing to travel the extra mile to visit their dentist near Roswell. Dr. Mercke will treat your family as her own while she fosters the health and development of their teeth for generations of healthy smile.

Choose the Right Oral Care Products with Your Dentist in Marietta

June 28, 2017

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Your dentist in Marietta helps you find the best dental care products.You care about the health of your teeth and gums to ensure they last a lifetime. To help you reach your goal, you need to use the right dental products. However, as you walk down the oral care isle in the store, it can be difficult to choose the best ones because there are so many different options. As your dentist in Marietta, Dr. Caitlin Glen McDonald Mercke wants to help you make a wise decision as they are your first line of defense against preventable dental issues, like gum disease.

Family Dentist in Marietta Explains Vitamin C for Healthy Gums

January 7, 2017

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Your family dentist in Marietta for gum health.You take great pride in caring for the health of your teeth and gums. You brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and visit the dentist regularly. But, despite your best efforts, your gums may not be as healthy as they could be if you are not eating right. The foods you eat, especially those containing vitamin C, play a significant role in maintaining healthy gums. As your family dentist in Marietta, we have the information you need to promote your oral health with the vitamin.

Dentist for Dentures in Marietta Explains Common Causes for Irritation

December 16, 2016

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Your dentist for dentures in Marietta.Dentures have been used for more than 100 years to replace missing teeth because they are affordable, convenient, and effective. As a result, about 15% of those with complete tooth loss have dentures made each year. Due to various advancements in dentistry, dentures more closely mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth. However, they will never fully feel like your real teeth. New technologies and methods have made the tooth replacement option feel more comfortable than ever while providing a secure fit. Despite these advancements, you may still experience some discomfort. As a dentist for dentures in Marietta, we have some of the common causes for your irritation.

You Can Trust Your Dentist in 30062 For Excellent Care

October 31, 2015

dentist 30062When looking for an experienced, compassionate dentist in the Marietta area, Georgians consistently turn to Dr. Ruth Clemans and the team at Elite Dentistry. They know that here, they’ll find elite care from experienced professionals — but not in exchange for elite prices. Elite Dentistry provides exceptional general, cosmetic and restorative services, affordably. Keep reading to learn more about your caring dentist in 30062.


Your Marietta Dentist for Great Oral Health

July 23, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-103583424Did you know more people in the United States suffer from gum disease than diabetes or heart disease? Nearly 80% of adults in the United States suffer from some level of periodontal disease, and while gum disease might not seem like an epidemic-worthy illness, patients with gum disease are at a higher risk for stroke, blood clots, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and many other systemic illnesses. If maintaining excellent oral health isn’t one of your top priorities, it should be. Call Elite Dentistry, the Marietta, GA practice of Dr. Ruth Clemans, to schedule your dental checkup and cleaning today.

Elite Dentistry – Best Marietta General Dentist

Dr. Ruth Clemans has been exceeding the expectations of dental patients in the Marietta area since 1987. In the past nearly 30 years, patients have come to trust Dr. Clemans and the Elite Dentistry team to provide them with the recommendations and guidance they need to achieve their oral health care goals, prevent dental health issues, and maintain beautiful, natural smiles for life. It all starts with twice annual checkups and teeth cleanings at our fantastic dental practice where we offer elite service without the elite prices.

Your Marietta Dentist for Great Oral Health

In the past, dentists focused on treating teeth when they could and replacing teeth when they couldn’t. Then, America entered the First World War, and things began to change. Young soldiers were most frequently cited on their medial reports for having poor oral hygiene. Dental decay was declared an epidemic. Dentists at the time decided things had to change. That’s when dentistry began to shift its perspective to the modern focus on preventive and restorative dental care. Rather than treat problems after they occur, we encourage patients to schedule visits every six months so we can thoroughly clean and examine their teeth in order to prevent dental concerns from advancing. These regular visits in addition to routine at-home hygiene, brushing twice a day and flossing at least once, help to prevent the majority of oral health concerns.

When preventive measures fail, your Marietta dentist is much less likely to remove your teeth the dentists in the past. Elite Dentistry is a practice focused on comprehensive and conservative restorative dental treatment. That means we provide the treatment or therapy that will benefit your full smile for years to come (comprehensive) and we always try to maintain as much of your dental structure as possible (conservative). Restorative care strives to return your smile to its natural look and feel.

Call Your Dentist, 30062

We want every patient we see to have the best possible smile, and at Elite Dental, that starts with preventive care visits every 6 months. Call to schedule your next dental exam today. We welcomes patients from local communities including Roswell, Sandy Plains, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, and Kennesaw.

Total Patient Comfort in a Spa-like Atmosphere at Elite Dentistry

February 19, 2015

GettyImages_470658795At Elite Dentistry, we believe that alongside patient safety and satisfaction, total patient comfort should be a top priority in any dental office. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create a relaxing, dental spa atmosphere for each of our patients, inviting you to enjoy your time with us to the fullest at every visit. From our elegant office décor and soothing candles to luxurious furnishings and thoughtful amenities, the dental office of Dr. Ruth Clemans is your destination for comfortable, compassionate dentistry in Marietta, GA.

Dental Visits Should be a Pleasure

Everything we do here at Elite Dentistry is designed to promote your comfort and a general sense of well-being. We understand that dental appointments can prove to be a source of stress or anxiety for many of our patients, so we’ve created a space that is conducive to relaxation and enjoyment. You’ll find CD players and headphones as well as video glasses and a great selection of DVDs. Take advantage of our complimentary refreshments at our beverage bar, and cozy up with soft, warm blankets. We even provide warm, moist towels for additional comfort.

For patients who still need a little help finding peace in the dental chair, we offer both oral and IV sedation, as well as The Wand, a computerized anesthetic delivery system that takes the pain out of preparing for treatment. We also offer nitrous oxide, a proven sedation option that safely induces feelings of euphoria and calm within seconds.

Experience the Difference for Yourself

If you associate the dentist’s office with a cold, clinical environment and an uncomfortable waiting room – the kind of atmosphere that makes you wish you never had to have your teeth cleaned – we’d like the opportunity to change the way you view dental visits. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Clemans, and see why families from throughout Marietta, GA and the surrounding communities travel to Elite Dentistry for all of their oral healthcare needs. Our team is privileged to serve patients from communities in Marietta, Atlanta, Woodstock, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, and beyond.

Your 30062 Dentist

November 12, 2014

20090910_0008-110As your Marietta, GA dentist, Dr. Ruth Clemans is committed to providing you and your family with the unparalleled dental care you want, need, and deserve. Our patients are our number one priority; we truly care about you, and everything we do here reflects that sentiment. With a wide range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services backed by years of practical experience, Dr. Clemans is a dentist 30062 families have to come to know and trust as their premier source for oral healthcare in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

A Family Dentist Marietta, GA Can Trust

When you are searching for a dentist in 30062 and the surrounding areas, you need to know that the practice you choose offers a full range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. In order to serve the diverse oral healthcare needs of her patients in Marietta, GA and the nearby communities, Dr. Clemans provides a comprehensive array of family and preventive dentistry solutions, each of which is designed with comfort and long-lasting oral health in mind. These general dentistry services include:

Cosmetic dentistry has rapidly become the most popular and sought-after branch of dentistry in America, and it’s easy to see why. With the most advanced technology available and a truly artistic touch, Dr. Clemans transforms smiles for life, allowing her patients to reclaim a polished image and an enhanced sense of self-confidence. Our cosmetic dentistry solutions include:

For smiles that require some help returning to full health following decay, disease, or injury, Dr. Clemans offers an extensive selection of restorative dentistry treatments, including:

Dr. Clemans is also happy to offer sedation dentistry, laser dentistry, and BOTOX injections with both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.

A Dependable 30062 Dentist for the Whole Family

At Elite Dentistry, Dr. Clemans believes that each and every patient deserves the epitome of compassionate and skilled dental care. In order to achieve this every day, she insists upon continuing her education and training with advanced courses in sedation, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, restorative dentistry, communication, and more. Dr. Clemans is a Fellow of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation and is an active member in a variety of prestigious dental organizations, including:

  • American Dental Society of Anesthesiology
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Dental Association

Whether you are looking for a family dentist in Marietta, GA for routine cleanings and checkups or you are in need of a full smile makeover, the state-of-the-art dental office of Dr. Clemans is your destination for everything your smile needs to stay healthy and beautiful for life. Give us a call today to schedule your visit with Dr. Clemans and her caring, experienced team. We genuinely look forward to helping you love your smile! Our family-friendly dental practice in Marietta, GA is privileged to serve communities in the surrounding areas as well, including Roswell, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, and beyond.

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