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Patient Testimonials

After ignoring my wisdom teeth until the age of 55, the time came to have some work done. The reason I’d avoided the situation for so long is that I hate needles and knives and, like many guys, avoided them whenever possible. When I realized I could no longer avoid it, I talked to Dr. Clemans about sedation. As it turned out, this was the perfect solution for someone like me. By the time I got into the chair my considerable anxiety was completely under control, and when it was over I had no recollection of the procedure.

The Elite Dentistry; team was superb, making me comfortable and confident every step of the way. I can’t say enough good about them.

-Paul Nichols

History: Patient consulted the doctorthe day after his two front teeth were knocked out in a hockey accident. Solution was Restoration Dentistry – restoring the front teeth with two implants and implant crowns. Porcelain crowns and veneers were what was needed to return the patient’s confident smile.

In the patient’s own words:

“I can bite into food, chew, smile and speak without spraying!!! All the little things we take for granted. Not me and not anymore. But you have been incredible through this whole process. Your (you’re) a great doctor.


Thank you for making my first visit so warm and making me feel so welcome and relaxed.

-Susan Esposito

Now, it’s a little known fact that I am older than water…three days older. That means that when God said “let there be water” I had already been around for three days. That also means that I have over the years seen a great many dentists and doctors. Of all of them, you are the best… by a long shot. You are the only one I trust completely and in whom I have total confidence…the only one I have felt has always had my total well-being at heart. And that feeling runs through everyone on your staff.

I think you know how little I relish that thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair. You and your people make me wish I could come in at least once a week---but only for a cleaning.

-Chris Rutherford Carmen Lawson

As an on-air personality at the fifth largest country music station in America, I realized that if I didn’t do something soon, the way I made a living would soon be affected.

I have had two rounds of Sedation Dentistry with zero problems. Dr. Clemans was able to take care of eight cavities that were discovered and other problems too, like on tooth that had completely fallen out, and stopping gum disease that had escalated to a high level of disgust.

I am now on track for bottom braces and upper veneers not to mention routine dental care.

The routine dental care is most important and I would have never started again if it had not been for Sedation Dentistry I broke my front tooth at work and was in a lot of pain. Dr. Clemans agreed to an appointment right away. They were nice to me and understood the pain I was in. They took great care of me and now my tooth looks wonderful.

-Tom Burt

Thank you so much for not only the gift, but also for your graciousness and generosity. I know that I will never find another office to match yours in all aspects. You all were understanding and great workers. Thank you.

Kate Finding Ruth Clemans was an absolute treasure. Their hands-on approach and one- on-one attention was the exact amount of care that my wife needed to help contain her phobia! The assisting staff alone make the 1+ hour drive worth every minute. I would recommend Ruth Clemans to anyone…any time! In May of 2002, I found out I had a horrible case of gum decay and was looking at losing my teeth. Dr. Ruth and her staff comforted me and reassured me the fear I have of dentistry would and could be relieved. I must say the Dr. and her staff saved my teeth and helped greatly with my general health.I highly recommend using the sedation to ease your fears. Sincerely and best of all to this staff.

Leith Baumberger I have avoided the dentist for years. The staff at Elite Dentistry office was very understanding and supportive about my phobia. After the first consultation I chose sedation. I am happy to say that I had quite a bit of work done and my stress level was practically nil. When I came in for the first treatment I was apprehensive. By the second time, I was completely relaxed and confident of a pleasant experience. Not only did I sail through the procedures, I also did not suffer the next day. An added bonus was the personal phone call from Dr. Clemans inquiring about how I was doing.

I highly recommend her and her staff.

-Beverly Henderson

I was sedated for 7 tooth extractions and root planing, scaling, and cleaning. It was a wonderful experience. Everybody around me told me how great I was doing and made me feel comfortable and unafraid. There was no pain, which I could not believe. It was a great experience and Dr. Clemans, Jane, Delores, and Gail are wonderful and so professional. I came away from this experience a very happy camper.

-Georganne Fore

After staring at my bonded top-six front teeth for 13 years, I decided it was time for a change. Functionally, my teeth were satisfactory. Aesthetically, they left something to be desired. I wanted my discolored, spotted smile to sparkle. In just a handful of visits with Dr. Ruth Clemans, I received the perfect white-toothed smile I had wanted. Dr. Clemans was patient, caring, and most importantly - allowed me to help “design” my new teeth by choosing the most suitable color and shape porcelain veneers.

My only regret is that I did not listen to Dr. Clemans when she recommended that I put veneers on my top front 8-10 teeth. I only did the six that had been previously bonded.

Luckily, going to Dr. Clemans’ office is like visiting a spa. The décor and atmosphere are exquisite, as is the staff. I look forward to visiting them again in the near future to add a few more veneers and perhaps even bleach my bottom teeth.

I received a compliment the other day, but I suppose Dr. Clemans should feel most flattered. I was told that I had, “the most beautiful smile,” this person “had ever seen.” (And, it wasn’t even a pick-up line!) All I have to say is - Thank you, Dr. Clemans for making me want to smile everyday.

-Danielle Carruth
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“I can bite into food, chew, smile and speak without spraying!!! All the little things we take for granted. Not me and not anymore. ...Read More

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