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Cost of Dental Implants – Roswell, GA

Illustration of dental implantIf you have missing teeth and Dr. Mercke has explained the advantages of dental implants, then you probably have only one more question: What is the cost of dental implants in Roswell? That depends on several factors including where the implants are needed, the type of dental implant required and whether or not you need another preparatory procedure prior to implant placement. Continue reading to learn more about the reasons behind the cost of dental implants. Then, call Elite Dentistry to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mercke who can evaluate your circumstance.

Types of Dental Implants

Different types of dental implants are used for different types of tooth loss. Traditional dental implants consist of three parts—the implant, the abutment and the crown—and are designed to replace one missing tooth. An implant-retained bridge is used for multiple-tooth replacement. Your cost in this case depends on how many teeth are missing and where.

Mini dental implants look like traditional ones, but they are smaller. These are used in tight spaces or where there is less bone volume in your jaw.

In the case of a full arch of missing teeth, All-on-4 allows the dentist to place only four dental implants to secure a complete denture.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Smiling man Yes, dental implants do cost a bit more than other tooth replacement options. However, they provide a return on your investment that other prosthetics do not. Unlike a bridge, a partial or a full denture that will need to be repaired over time and then replaced after a certain number of years, dental implants can last for decades. In fact, for patients that are very careful about oral hygiene at home and maintain dental checkups every six months, implants can last a lifetime. So despite costing a bit more upfront, dental implants may be less in the long run than other types of prosthetics that require continual maintenance and replacement.

Budgeting for Dental Implants

In addition to the cost of dental implants and the fee implantation, you must also consider any needed preparatory procedures. If your teeth have been missing for some time—months or years—then there has likely been bone loss and degeneration. In this case bone grafting or sinus lift may be necessary in order to replaced lost tissue with healthy bone from somewhere else in your body or from a donor site including a cadaver, cow or synthetic material.

Dental Insurance for Dental Implants

Smiling coupleMost dental insurance plans do not cover dental implants, preferring that patients choose the least expensive option for tooth replacement. However, as dental implants become more popular—and their longevity is proven—some dental insurance companies are beginning to expand coverage. Your insurance may partially cover the cost of any preparatory procedure, as well as the cost of a restoration. Also, be sure to check the provisions of your health insurance plan, too.

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