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Careington Dental Discount Plans

Dental insurance forms with approved stampAt Elite Dentistry, we are passionate about offering our Marietta dental patients exceptional services that exceed even the highest patient expectations. One of the many ways we make the dental care experience pain and stress free is by processing and filing dental insurance claims for most of the major insurance providers, and we are even in-network with many major benefit plans. That includes offering in-network coverage for patients with Careington dental discount memberships. If you would like to find out more about Careington dental plans, the treatments that are covered by these benefits, or how our friendly Marietta dentist and team can help, please give our office a call we’ll be happy to review your individual discount policy with you over the phone, answer your questions, and work with you to maximize your benefits.

Your Individual Plan

Careington offers several different dental discount plans to meet every patient’s unique needs. We will review your specific discount plan with you before beginning treatments in our office. As part of the treatment planning process, we will carefully explain our fees for service, your discount, and the out of pocket costs. Because Careington is not a traditional dental insurance plan, you will receive coverage for almost any treatment. Your out of pocket cost varies depending on the specific plan you sign up for, but Careington patients typically receive the following discounts:

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In-Network Providers

Woman receiving dental examAs in-network providers for Careington, we agree to accept your discount plan, and charge fees for service at the discounted rates as agreed to with Careington. The unique design of the Careington discount plan enables dentists to offer the quality materials and innovative treatments they deem best for patients, and the plans give patients much more freedom to choose their own dental care services and save money on every treatment. Unlike other traditional dental insurance plans, patients need to visit an in-network provider to receive the discounted treatment prices.

Preventive Care to Maximize Coverage

Woman in dental chair giving thumbs upAt Elite Dentistry, we’re dedicated to helping patients maintain their healthy smiles. Our personalized dental care plans are focused on preventive dentistry, starting with biannual dental checkups and teeth cleanings. The services we provide at these appointments are affordable, and they receive the greatest discount from Careington plans. That means you’ll save the most money and avoid the need for more advanced and costly dental treatments that receive lower discounts. You’ll save money and maintain the optimal level of oral health – it’s a win-win.

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