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Restorative Dentistry in Marietta, GA: Dr. Clemans Rescues a Referee’s Smile

October 22, 2014

3 weeks post accident 1-30-09 011 seat date 1-18-10 008Bob is a referee for hockey leagues in his community, so it’s safe to say that he sees plenty of excitement and action on the weekends. In January of 2009, however, Bob experienced a kind of commotion he couldn’t have seen coming. During one of his games, an errant hockey puck struck his face at high velocity, instantly knocking out two of his top teeth and severely damaging others. The doctors in the emergency room hurriedly attempted to return the two front teeth to their sockets. Unfortunately, the ER doctors were trying to put the teeth into the wrong places, so they wouldn’t fit and could not be re-implanted. Bob called Elite Dentistry the next day, and Dr. Clemans was more than happy to help. Today, we’d like to share his story.

Rebuilding Bob’s Smile with Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

Bob’s front two teeth were completely avulsed from his upper jaw. This means that the entire tooth, including the root, had been forcibly removed. In an emergency situation such as this, it is vital to act quickly; if a tooth can be placed back into its appropriate socket within 30 minutes, there is a chance that it might be saved. The tooth should be stored in a container of milk until you can reach your dentist’s office or carefully reinserted if possible. In Bob’s case, his injury was addressed by a medical doctor rather than a dentist, and his teeth were not viable for re-implantation. Fortunately, he called Dr. Clemans and the team at Elite Dentistry.

The first action Dr. Clemans took involved the stabilization of her patient’s mouth, taking into account the trauma that he had sustained and customizing a treatment plan to rebuild his dentition. She replaced his teeth with temporary restorations and saved three other teeth – all of which had suffered nerve damage – with root canal therapy and all-ceramic crowns. The missing incisors were then permanently replaced with dental implants and custom crowns as well. Chips and cracks in the lower teeth were repaired with bonding, and misalignment was quickly amended with ClearCorrect invisible braces. To complete Bob’s treatment, Dr. Clemans crafted a custom athletic mouthguard for use when he is refereeing in any sports arena. He loves his new smile, and is committed to keeping it whole and healthy with help from the team at Elite Dentistry.



The Ref is Back in the Rink!

Today, Bob is a huge advocate of mouthguards in sports, promoting awareness of the importance of proper dental protection during athletic activities. Dr. Clemans and the Elite Dentistry team provide athletes in Marietta, GA and the surrounding areas with custom athletic mouthguards, effectively protecting the smiles of children, teens, and adults in our community. Our patient-centric approach and advanced dental technology make Elite Dentistry the premier destination for active sports enthusiasts of all ages in Marietta, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, Roswell, and beyond.

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