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Benefits of Restorative Dentistry with Marietta Dental Implants

March 19, 2015

78769905Thanks to continuing advancements in the realm of restorative dentistry, it is now possible to replace missing teeth in a way that is closer to nature than ever before. With dental implants in Marietta, GA, your restorative and cosmetic specialist Dr. Ruth Clemans creates beautifully healthy and lasting smiles for patients who have lost their natural teeth.

Rejuvenate Your Smile & Your Oral Health

When you lose a tooth, the supportive jaw structure that once held it in place begins to deteriorate. Over time, more bone tissue is lost, ultimately leading to the loss of additional teeth and diminished facial contours. The jaw takes on a sunken appearance, often making edentulous patients appear much older than they actually are. While dentures and bridges are capable of replacing the crown portion of your missing teeth, only dental implants fully replace the root as well. With a dental implant in place, bone tissue in the jaw remains strong and healthy.

Another benefit of Marietta dental implants from Dr. Clemans is their immense versatility. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth, or even a full arch of teeth in cases of edentulism. Custom restorations used to replace the crown portion of the teeth are carefully crafted to look and feel just like natural teeth, so you can smile and speak with complete confidence and comfort.

Speaking of speech, have you ever thought about how very critical your teeth are to the way you talk? Pronouncing the fricative consonant sounds j, l, t, n, x, d, z, s, th, sh, and ch is incredibly difficult for patients missing any their front teeth. With dental implants, speech returns to normal, resulting in a better quality of life overall.

Schedule Your Marietta Dental Implants Consultation

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of dental implants and find out if you are a candidate for this procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation. We sincerely look forward to serving your every oral healthcare need. Dr. Clemans is your trusted Marietta, GA dental implants specialist, and she’ll work closely with you along every step of your journey toward a renewed smile. Our office proudly serves patients from throughout Marietta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Kennesaw, Chamblee, Atlanta, and beyond.

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