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Misaligned Smile? Straighten It With Invisalign

June 19, 2015

clear teeth straighteningDo you ever wonder what it would be like to have a smile that was perfectly straight with no crooked teeth or any other imperfections? You can achieve this same type of smile when you opt for the most revolutionary straightening treatment to hit the dental and orthodontic industry in years — Invisalign. This technology truly is one of a kind. What makes Invisalign so sought after by patients? Well, to start, it’s the fact that treatment is “invisible” and nobody will know you’re straightening your teeth. How cool is that? You can’t get that type of treatment with traditional braces. Metal brackets once were the way of the future, now there’s less pain and treatment time when you use Invisalign. At our office in Marietta, GA, Dr. Ruth Clemans and her staff will make sure you’re informed about all the great benefits Invisalign has to offer. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

What Makes Invisalign So Great?

Like we said before, it all starts at the clear aligners. Patients in the past could have benefitted greatly from Invisalign. We’ve heard countless horror stories about intense pain from braces and not being able to eat the foods they crave. With Invisalign, not only is there minimal pain during treatment, but you can remove the device from your mouth whenever you’d like so you can enjoy your favorite foods without worry about whether anything will get stuck in brackets. A former braces-wearer would jump at the opportunity to remove their painful brackets whenever they’d like.

There are plenty of other benefits to choosing Invisalign, too:

  • You can brush and floss as you normally do
  • Enjoy the feeling of smooth, comfortable plastic as opposed to jagged metal
  • Less appointments with check-ups needed every four to six weeks
  • Did we mention your teeth straighten invisibly?

The choice is pretty clear here. Sure, you could go ahead with traditional braces treatment. You will get a straight smile, no doubt. But, your treatment time will double (~5 years) and you’ll be held to a much stricter regimen. Why not free yourself from the pain and extended therapy time and choose Invisalign instead? There’s a reason countless patients have been flocking to use Invisalign — it’s technology that just can’t be passed up.

Schedule Your Invisalign Appointment Today

Dr. Clemans and her staff are ready to help you get the straightest smile of your life. Our Marietta, GA office has helped countless patients out and we’re ready to help you, too. We invite all residents from around the area to consider Invisalign treatment, including Roswell, Sandy Plains, Brookhaven, Kennesaw, Sandy Springs and beyond.

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